What’s it going to take??

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Many ask “So when will you be opening the foster home?” or “When will you be able to take in children?”.  This has been quite a journey.  It’s through the journey that God is holding us, preparing us, and guiding us to OPENING DAY!  We can’t wait for that day either!!!  We’ve mapped out a list of things that NEED to happen in order to open Casa Rescate.  They are listed in order from what needs to happen first, until opening day.  There are obviously some things that can be switched around, or if they happen sooner, we wouldn’t mind.  This is to help give you, the supporter, an idea of what needs to happen, and us, the local missionaries, a checklist to keep us on track!

While we have prayed and thought through this list, we are sure something/a project will come up that we didn’t plan on.  Please give us grace as we are learning through this whole process!

What’s is going to take to get to OPENING DAY….

  1. Sign/Notorize Legal Documents with AMEE (In process)
  2. Meet with members of Fundacion Rescate Ecuador/N.America and come up with a more adequate/more accurate budget (In process)
  3. Finish Construction
    1. Finish Construction
      1. windows/screens (~ $300/each window (20) = $6,000)
      2. Flooring (downstairs/tile = $2,500)
      3. Paint interior ($350)
      4. Paint exterior ($450)
      5. Finish wood flooring (sand/stain/seal = $500 )
      6. Finish wood siding (few interior walls, sand/stain/seal = $750)
      7. Bathrooms ($350/each (4) = $1,400)
      8. Electricity (Cables/lights/protectors = $1,000)
      9. Stairs ($1,000)
      10. Doors (~$100/each (17) = ~$1,700)
      11. Ceiling (~$1,500)
      12. Sewer system/septic for water/bathrooms ( $3,000)
    2. Miscellaneous Items for the House
      1. Refrigerator ($1,000)
      2. Stove (~$700)
      3. Plates, cups, silverware, etc
      4. sheets/bedding
      5. Mattresses ($75/each (21) = $1,575)
      6. Washer ($600)
      7. Curtains/poles (~$30/each = $600)
      8. Storage area for each child ($700)
      9. Kitchen (currently there is a small kitchen in the foster home, but our plan was to use the dinning room at the camp (this is up for discussion w/AMEE), we have a plan B idea which would be to construct an outside kitchen with a cement base, metallic frame, and roof)
  4. Miscellaneous Items for the House
  5. 1 -2 other missionary family(ies) working with Fundacion Rescate
  6. Clean up/clear out/fix up exterior area of the house
    1. Cut down all the jungle grass, bring in some more rock to level
  7. Work to have monthly budget pledged (Campaign 64)
  8. Have 6 months worth of funding raised…approx $24,000
  9. Contract people to work (cook, clean, tutors)
  10. Final presentation to MIES (govt)
  11. Final Inspection: Fire, Health, Govt (MIES)
  12. Open Casa Rescate!!!
While we have thought long and hard while putting this list together, to make sure as to not forget anything, we know that there are glitches, and set backs bound to come up.  We ask that you pray with us as we check these items off!  We ask that you pray for funding to come in as we raise money for different projects, and pray for more short-term teams (this helps cut our costs down).
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