What if His People Prayed?? Join us in Prayer

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We believe in the power of prayer.  Every Tuesday night starting at 7:30pm we (Roberto, Jill, Silvana, and Carlos) get together and pray.  While there are individual prayer requests that come up each week, there are several that have maintained constant.

We know some of you are kneeling on the battlefield and are spiritually supporting us.  We invite you to join with us in praying over these different areas.  You can pray with us on Tuesday nights (from your home of course), or at another time.

Prayer Requests (as of May 2016)

  • A piece of property – we are praying for a piece of property that we could buy and could call our (Fundacion Rescate) own.  Ideally we’d like to buy the property, and surrounding area where we’ve been building.  Please pray that God would guide us, funds would come in, or the group that owns the property would have on their hearts to give us a piece of property.
  • AMEE (Asociación Misionera Evangelico Ecuador) – AMEE is the group/organization that owns the property of the camp. We are currently in process of trying to get legal documents notorized and clarified.
  • Members of Fundacion Rescate N. America
    • Ryan Delvecchio, Brent Buttermore, Kellie Cross
  • Members of Fundacion Rescate Ecuador
    • Silvana and Carlos Insuasti, Mika Insuasti, Roberto and Jill Insuasti, Dan Smoker (Pennslyvania), Joe Lim (U.S.)
  • Missionary Family – We are praying that God would provide 1-2 other couples/missionary families to serve with Fundacion Rescate.  This is a huge need!  Please pray that these families would be the perfect fit (share the same vision, flexible, would enhance and be able to fill in the gaps (our weaknesses) with their strengths
  • Current work that is taking place with Fundacion Rescate – Currently Jill is working on updating the website with new blog posts, updating our contact list, working on documents for churches stateside.  Roberto will also be working on finishing up the interior walls and preparing for the next work team at the end of June.
  • Property – We have been praying that God would open the doors to buy a piece of property.  Specifically, on the camp property that is owned by AMEE, where we are currently building.  Pray for the right time, price, and location.  As we expand with projects, this need will become more prevalent.
  • Work Teams – We are praying that God would provide more short-term work teams to help with the construction
  • Children – we know that there are children in need of a safe haven!  We pray that God would protect them, and give them hope!
  • Heart of Service – Pray that WE as Fundacion Rescate would have hearts of service and constantly look to be light in the darkness!
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