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One thing about being overseas missionaries is that we get to experience and enjoy two different cultures.  Our family even more so being that we have an intercultural marriage/family (Roberto being Ecuadorian, and Jill from the U.S.).  We try to take advantage of that and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our time stateside is FUN, but also challenging.  Adjusting little kids to new foods, new beds, new surroundings, literally their world gets pretty rocked!  From the sun setting and rising differently than here in Ecuador, to getting to choose and eat an assortment of cereals…it’s a pretty big change for little kids.  However, we get to enjoy a lot of things that we don’t get to do here in Ecuador and that is the sweet part…but the sweetest part of all is time with family!

This year we enjoyed getting to play at clean parks with big play structures.  We enjoyed teaching, and watching Jeremy gain confidence in learning how to climb ladders and go down slides by himself.  Joshua learned to walk, and became quite the explorer.  We enjoyed going to petting farms, outdoor concerts, McDonalds, and indoor play places too!  Both of the boys adored time with their cousins – Bella, and Emma and will miss them dearly!

Heading out!  Our first leg of the trip is from Sucua to Quito.  Often a 8-9 hour trip, well with kids it took us about 10 hours!  We are thankful to stay with Tia Mika (Roberto’s sister) while in Quito!  The second leg is a flight from Quito to Atlanta.  We left Quito about 12 midnight!

Joshua started walking a few days after we arrived at Jill’s parents!  It was so fun to see him learn to walk, and as he learned to walk he was able to help grandma rearrange her house a bit more…she was so thankful 😉  Each day of the trip he got better and better, and faster and faster!!  We also celebrated Joshua’s 1st birthday the week we arrived.  Being that most holidays are spent here in Ecuador it was a special treat for our Michigan family to be part of the celebration.

Our week in the hospital was a stressful one!  We are thankful we were stateside and close to a good hospital!  However, being that we had just recently arrived from Ecuador they did quite the work up of exams!  Even in the midst of the storm, there were many blessings.  We are thankful we were staying with Jill’s parents so they could help with Joshua while we were at the hospital.  We are thankful that Jeremy was still covered by insurance and almost every expense was COVERED!!

After getting out of the hospital and having been in quarantine for the week we were ready to rock n’ roll.  Thankfully Jeremy recovered well and we were able to get out and enjoy the parks, time with family, fishing, and much more!  We even squeezed in some time for just the 2 of us!  We enjoyed doing new things together as a family, watching the boys experience things for the first time, and we enjoyed getting out of the jungle!!

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