Fundación Rescate was started in 2012 in Sucua, Ecuador, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, to address a dire need to provide a safe place for local children currently in unhealthy and unsafe environments. Local officials say that 2-3 children a day, need to be taken out of their home due to abuse, neglect, parenting and/or marital issues, and currently have very few options of support.

Our goal is to meet them in their time of darkness and show them God’s great love by providing a temporary safe home, Casa Rescate, for children ages 6-12 to serve not only their immediate physical, emotional and spiritual needs, but also those of their families. The reality is that these children will return to their families after a short period of time, therefore it is necessary to provide emotional and spiritual support, to not only these children, but also their families.


When a child is brought to the foster home, Casa Rescate, they will receive physical support (food, housing, clothing, schooling, tutoring, etc), emotional support (counseling) and SPIRITUAL support (true restoration through a relationship with our savior) in a safe and loving environment.

The parents or involved family members will also receive counseling to help rebuild a healthier home environment for the child to return to.


In the near future, we hope to address not only the immediate needs of these children in difficult situations, but invest in future generations by forming a local youth center. The idea is to provide local youth with a safe place to come and have fun, while being mentored and discipled.  By doing this we hope that their hearts would soften to God’s love and their future families would not find themselves in vulnerable situations, but would model a family as God intended.


Fundación Rescate is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon of South America in a small town called Sucua. Sucua is surrounded by the Shuar, an indigenous tribe of the region. Roberto’s parents have lived in Sucua for several years and recognized the dire need that the children and families had within the surrounding communities, which is where Fundación Rescate was born in August of 2012.


Fundacion Rescate was founded in 2012 by Roberto, After getting married at the beginning of 2013, Jill and Roberto, passionate about sharing the love of Christ with others, started serving together as part of Fundacion Rescate.

Roberto was born and raised in Sucua, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, went to college in Quito and lived there for 11years working in different capacities of medicine. Roberto enjoys studying, mentoring and playing guitar.

Jill was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but spent most of her school aged years on the east side of Michigan in the Metro-Detroit area. She went to college at Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she studied to be a teacher. After teaching for 6 years in the inner city she married the love of her life! She also enjoys working with children, playing sports, and working with the young females in the community.

They have four children, Jeremy, Joshua, Sophia, and Christy and currently live in Sucua, Ecuador, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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