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Brent is from Michigan, is happily married to his wife Natalie, and is the father to 4 children (Elijah, Noah, Hannah and 1 coming soon). Brent is the mission pastor at Oak Pointe Church. Brent first heard about Fundacion Rescate in 2013, and connected with the vision and work that was going on. Brent works at maintaining Fundacion Rescate’s relationship with Oak Pointe Church, and its members by preparing work teams to come down, and help coordinate fundraising events. Brent’s previous engineering comes in handy when we need to analyze and break things down during meetings and with teams! However, at the forefront of his mind is being a light for Christ!



Ryan and Colleen are from Michigan and are the parents of four beautiful daughters (Isabella, Emma, Claire and Mila). Ryan has been part of Fundacion Rescate since the start, and has been an instrumental part in bringing the vision to fruition. Ryan is a family counselor and Colleen is a pediatric nurse. Ryan prepares and leads teams down to Ecuador from multiple local churches.  They both have servants’ hearts and really enjoy being a part of God’s ministry around the world. Ryan is a huge encourager and Fundacion Rescate is grateful for his service.



Travis and Miranda were married in September 2017. Less than 6 months later, they embarked on their first ever mission trip with Oak Pointe Church to help build a fence around Casa Rescate. Following some prompting from God once they returned, they reached out to Fundacion Rescate about ways they could help. They currently lead the Fundacion Rescate fundraising efforts and put on the Rescue Run (5K and 1 mile fun run) in August of 2019 as an annual fundraiser. They are both engineers which lends them to enjoying a good spreadsheet and a hands-on building project equally. Travis brings a crucial long-term perspective for Fundacion Rescate’s fundraising strategy, while Miranda brings more short-term, detail-oriented plans. Both Travis and Miranda have seen God work in their lives through their connection to Fundacion Rescate. They are excited to use their God-given talents to further His kingdom!



Carlos and Silvana have been married for more than 35 years, they have lived in Sucua for more than 20 years. They are are an instrumental part of Fundacion Rescate. They live here, they’re from here, and they know the culture inside and out. They know the strengths and weaknesses of the people here. Silvana plays a key role as she handles all of the legal documents as she has previous experience in working with other foundations, and government positions. Carlos is a great sounding board of experience when it comes to the actual construction, and the HOW TO part. Carlos and Silvana meet with Roberto and Jill weekly to pray for the fundacion.

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